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Webinars have become a primary way that IECs stay current and learn about new approaches and best practices. While some are free, some require purchase (particularly if you are not a member of the organization). Here is a list of some webinars related to our work.

360 Planner (360planner.com/). Topics: General knowledge about college planning and business topics relevant to IEPs.

American Camp Association (acacamps.org/). Topics: “Webinar–Building An Army of Asking Ants,” “Webinar–Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) In the Camp Environment.”

American College Counseling Association (collegecounseling.org). Topics: “The Complete Orientation to College Counseling,” “Counseling College Students on Issues Relating to Development, Spirituality and Religion.”

American Psychiatric Association (APA) (psychiatry.org). Webinars on a broad range of topics, including the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and “Restoring Resilience in Young Adults”

American Psychological Association (APA) (apa.org/ed/). The APA offers a number of webinars related to psychology and education, including “Confusing Conditioning,” about positive and negative reinforcement and “Connecting the Dots: How Race in America’s Classrooms Affects Achievement.”

American School Counselor Association (schoolcounselor.org). Topics: “Career Conversations for Large and Small Groups,” “Help Students With Disabilities Self-Advocate,” “Prepare Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Careers.”

Applerouth Tutoring Service (applerouth.com). Topics: “Testing Accommodations: What You Need to Know,” “School Selection, Merit Aid and Test Prep: The Three-Legged Stool for Success.”

BehavioralHealthCE (behavioralhealthce.com/index.php?option=com_courses&Itemid=2). Continuing education classes such as “Cultural Diversity in Mental Health Practice: Ethical and Competency Issues” and “Motivational Interviewing: A Clinical Method to Enhance Change”

Black, Disabled, and Proud College Students With Disabilities (blackdisabledandproud.org).

Topics: “Universal Design for Learning 101,” “Working with Faculty to Improve the Campus Climate,” “Technology for Students with Disabilities.”

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) (pathlms.com/camft/courses).Webinars about counseling, specifically in California, and working as a consultant. Titles include “Your Dream Private Practice: How to Have More Ease, More Time Off, and More Profit,” and “How to Serve More People in Your Community and Increase Your Income at the Same Time”

College Board Big Future (bigfuture.collegeboard.org). Topics: “Completing the FAFSA — What You Need to Know,” “Paying for College: FAFSA, Financial Aid, Scholarships, and More.”

College Essay Guy (collegeessayguy.com). Topics: “The Complete Guide to the College Interview,” “How to answer the [University of California] Application Prompts,” “How to Write Amazing Supplemental Essays.”

Education Week (edweek.org). Topics: Information targeted toward educators: “Supporting Students Through Effective Educators: Evidence-Based Strategies to Increase Student Learning.”

Financial Aid Toolkit (ed.gov) and (financialaidtoolkit.ed.gov/). Topics: “How to Avoid Loan Scams,” “After the FAFSA Form: What Happens Next?”

GoodTherapy (goodtherapy.org/continuing-education-for-counselors.html). Webinars such as “Clinical Skills for Gender Diversity in Children and Adolescents”; “Marketing Strategies for Starting a Private Practice”; and “Dos and Don’ts of Social Media for Psychotherapists”

Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) (hecaonline.com). Topics: “Social and Cultural Transition for First Year LD College Students” “How to Help Students to Advocate for Themselves in Admissions Essays & Interviews.”

Independent Educational Consulting Association (IECA) (webinars.iecaonline.com). Topics: “Helping College Transfers To Thrive,” “Taking the Stress Out of Taking Tests,” “Marketing and Branding for the Newer IEC.”

Learning Disabilities Association of America (ldaamerica.org/). Topics: “Adults: Confused About Applying for and Receiving Test Accommodations?” “Transforming Third Grade Common Core Stress to Success for Students with Learning Disabilities.”

MarketingProfs (marketingprofs.com/training/courses). Webinars and online courses for marketing and business principles such as: “Kicking off Your Email Marketing Campaign” and “Kicking off Your Content Marketing Campaign”

National Association For College Admissions Counseling (NACAC) (nacacnet.org/professional-development/webinars/upcoming-webinars/). Topics: “Supporting International High School Students in the College Search,” “Mental Health and the College Search Process,” “FAFSA: What School Counselors Need to Know.”

National Association of Certified Counselors Foundation (nbccf.org). Topics: “Identity, Trauma, Culture and History: Understanding the Dynamics of Counseling African Americans,” “Suicide Grief: The Ultimate Rejection,” “Developing Cultural Humility Through Immersion Experiences.”

National Career Development Association (ncda.org). Topics: “Career Exploration & Search for the LGBTQI Community,” “Ethical Decision Making: Putting Ethics into Practice.”

National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA) (nasfaa.org). Topics: “The Ethics of Enrollment Management,” “Student Financial Wellness in a Credit Card World,” “Return of Title IV Funds: Modules.”

Psychotherapy.net (psychotherapy.net). Videos such as “Adolescent Family Therapy” and “Building Confidence in Motivational Interviewing”

Telebehavioral Health Institute (telehealth.org). An organization with information and continuing education on topics such as “Introduction to Telemental Health Theory and Practice” and “Online Marketing Workshop for Behavioral Professionals”

The Glendon Association (glendon.org/resource-category/webinars-ce-courses/). Webinars such as “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” and “Working with High-Conflict Couples”

The Myers-Briggs Company (themyersbriggs.com). Building Communication Skills using MBTI-Type Strategies; Challenging and Unique Strong Interest Inventory Profiles.

Wow Writing Workshop (wowwritingworkshop.com/free-webinars-video-links/training-webinars/). Topics: “Brainstorming Like a Pro,” “Better Essays in Less Time,” “How Much Editing is Too Much?”


About Admissions: Kirk Daulerio and Drew Magliozzi. A comical podcast with admissions experts answering questions from families about the admission process.

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin. Seth Godin is a teacher, business writer and trainer, and in the Guerrilla Marketing Hall of Fame.

All Things College and Career: Bobbie Ryan and Meg Gerry

Beyond the To Do List: Advice from Erik Fisher about increasing productivity and balancing professional and personal commitments when running a business.

Coast2Coast College Admission: Musings by Anna Ren and Mark Hofer, IECs, on subjects such as the college essay and developing the college list.

College Admissions Toolbox Podcast: Steve Schwartz shares stories, insights, college essay tips, test prep information, scholarship details, and anything that can give a student “the edge” they need to get into their dream college.

College Checklist Podcast: Lauren Gaggioli shares guidance about the college admissions process, financial aid, scholarships, and more. Features interviews with college counselors, education professionals, and entrepreneurs.

College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions. Ethan Sawyer hosts up-to-date interviews with experts in college admissions, financial aid, personal statements, test prep, etc. Creates practical steps for students and their supporters from creating a college list to appealing a financial aid letter.

College Prep Genius: Jean Burk, test tutor and college cost speaker, focuses on topics such as test-taking encouragement, college checklists, and success in college. Produced through a homeschool radio network.

College Prep Podcast: Megan Dorsey, IEC, and Gretchen Wegner, life coach, talk about topics such as parents, summer planning, and success strategies while in college and share their tips and tricks about creative study strategies, SAT/ACT prep, applications, essay writing, time management, and more.

Entrepreneur on Fire: EOFire host John Lee Dumas interviews entrepreneurs. Intended to be inspirational.

Eventual Millionaire: Jaime Masters interviews successful business people about how to advance your business.

GaryVee Audio Experience: Gary Vaynerchuk (Business/Personal Growth). Explores topics such as tech, marketing, entrepreneurship, mindsets, media and culture, through interviews and discussions.

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation. Elizabeth Heaton helps parents and students navigate this changing and challenging search and application process. Former admissions and financial aid officers offer factual information and strategic advice for college preparedness and more.

Getting In: Your College Admissions Companion. Panoply/Slate Magazine with Julie Lythcott-Haims. Follows a diverse group of high school seniors in New York from applications to acceptances.

How of Business: Henry Lopez and David Begin. “How to start, run & grow a small business”

Inside the Minds of Teens and Tweens: Recent topics includes developing minds of teenagers, issues faced by black teens, and teaching teenagers financial literacy.

James Altucher Show: Focus on business success.

Marketing Over Coffee: John Wall and Christopher Penn. Explores new marketing techniques and how they are used.

Marketing School Podcast: Online marketing tips in fewer than 10 minutes.

Mindset Monday with Austin Fabel (Personal Growth): Inspired by other podcasts, it discusses techniques and skills that will help increase productivity in daily life, especially when it’s difficult; like Monday morning.

Mixergy Startup Stories Podcast: Stories of entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.

Optimal Business Daily: Dan W. uses content from blogs to shape discussion on “entrepreneurship, startups, side hustles, freelancing, and more.”

Optimal Living Daily: Personal Development & Minimalism. Justin Malik uses content from blogs to shape discussion on “personal development, minimalism, productivity, and more.”

Parenting Teens: The Biggest Job We’ll Ever Have Had, produced by Hyde School, a boarding school with a character development focus. The episodes offer fundamentals, styles, and methods to raising a successful student.

Parenting Today’s Teens Podcast: Hosted by Mark Gregston offering insight into teen daily struggles.

Personal Best: CBC Podcasts. Discusses self-improvement techniques.

Personality Hacker: Joel Mark Witt and Antonia Dodge. “Teaches you the coding language of your mind and how to use it to create great relationships…”

Positive Psychology Podcast: Kristen Truempy. Discusses the science of happiness and how it can be applied to everyday life.

Prepped and Polished Podcast: Alexis Avila. An educational and inspirational show offering tutoring and test prep tips. Also includes interviews with celebrities and leaders in education.

PSYC 101: General Psychology. This course introduces many of the underlying principles and approaches that guide human behavior (found on iTunesU).

Revisionist History: Malcolm Gladwell (author of Outliers, David and Goliath, etc.) reacts to and comments on current and past events. Gladwell seems to have an interest in higher education and topics in this area are common.

Savvy Psychologist: Podcasts include topics such as suicide, awkwardness, stage freight, and motivation.

School of Greatness: Lewis Howes. Uses the stories of successful people to provide insight into how to be successful both personally and professionally.

Social Pros Podcast: Inside stories and behind-the-scenes reports about how companies use social media.

Social Psychology 135: UCLA’s Matthew Lieberman recorded his social psychology class in 2010. This content is relevant to the IEC. (found on iTunesU).

Stanford Innovation Lab: A professor at Stanford hosts a podcast that promises to “give a taste” of topics covered in the university’s classes on entrepreneurship.

StartUp: Gimlet. “A series about what it’s really like to start a business.” Tackles new business issues like naming, valuing, and getting a business going.

The Crush Podcast: Davin Sweeney. A former college admissions reader at University of Rochester, Davin Sweeney hosts guests from across the U.S., discussing all things college admissions.

The Psychology Podcast: Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman produces a bi-weekly podcast outlining many aspects of psychology from boosting student resilience to “Thriving in College (and life).”

This Is Psychology Podcast: American Psychological Association. Video series highlighting psychological research. Episodes cover bullying, mental health in children, caregiving and climate change.

Tim Ferris Show: Each episode, Ferris deconstructs world-class performers from eclectic areas (investing, sports, business, art, etc.) to extract the tactics, tools, and routines you can use. This includes favorite books, morning routines, exercise habits, time-management tricks, and more.

TOPcast: Teaching Online Podcast. Two officials from the University of Central Florida talk about issues of interest to online teaching.

Tutor Ted Talks College Admissions: Ted Dorsey, author of books on test preparation, talks about interview pitfalls to avoid, staying sane while navigating the college admissions process, etc.

We Regret to Inform You: Saad Salman. “A college admissions podcast; by students, for students.”

Your College Bound Kid: Mark Stucker and Anika Madden. A college admission expert and an experienced mother, guide families through the admission process. True stories and key strategies are shared on topics ranging from the application to career choice.

Youpreneur FM: Focuses on “what it means to be a personal brand entrepreneur in the 21st Century.”


99 Designs Blog (99designs.com/blog/). Business and graphic design blog. Provides tips on using design in businesses.

adMission Possible (admissionpossible.com). Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz writes a college info blog for The Huffington Post.

Admitted (admitted.nacacnet.org/wordpress/). Official NACAC admission blog.

Answer Sheet (washingtonpost.com/news/answer-sheet). The Washington Post education blog.

Carleton Admissions Blog (carleton.edu/admissions/blog/). Student written blog posts about life at Carleton College.

College Counseling Culture (collegeculture.net) and (collegeadvisor.blogspot.com). Will Dix has experience in high school counseling and college admission counseling. His work emphasizes access to higher education.

College Essay Guy (collegeessayguy.com/blog/).

College Solution (thecollegesolution.com/). Lynn O’Shaughnessy writes about topics related to the college search process and college affordability.

Collegewise (collegewise.com/blog.html). Blog posts written by a group of college counselors and advisors about all aspects of the college admissions process.

Collegiate Blog (available on Facebook). Blog posts written by students who have been through the college search process.

Compass Education Group (compassprep.com/blog/). SAT/ACT topics.

Counselors’ Corner (hscw-counselorscorner.blogspot.com). Patrick O’Connor writes about the counseling profession.

Diane Ravitch (dianeravitch.com/). Ravitch is a professor of education and author.

Do It Yourself College Rankings (diycollegerankings.com). Michelle Kretzschmar writes about various college admission topics.

Grade Point (washingtonpost.com/news/grade-point/). Higher education news blog from The Washington Post.

Harvard Admissions Student Blogs (college.harvard.edu/admissions/hear-our-students/student-blogs). Student-produced writing for prospective Harvard applicants that share a student’s perspective on the College, including cultural themes and unique opportunities.

Headcount (chronicle.com/blogs/headcount). Admission and enrollment blog from The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Higher Ed Data Stories (highereddatastories.blogspot.com). Data-driven writing about higher education across the U.S.

Home Room (blog.ed.gov). Official blog of the U.S. Department of Education.

Inside Higher Ed (insidehighered.com/blogs). Several blogs from this major higher education source.

Jeffrey Neill (jeffreyneill.com). College counseling blog by counselor in Taiwan (Taipei American School).

Jon Boeckenstedt’s Admissions Weblog (jonboeckenstedt.wordpress.com). Jon Boeckenstedt is a college administrator with insightful perceptions about admissions and the student experience.

Learning Network (nytimes.com/section/learning). Classroom resources including lesson plans and writing prompts.

Love and Logic Blog for Parents and Teachers (loveandlogic.com/blog/love-and-logic-blog-for-parents-and-teachers). An online source promoting a whole-child philosophy towards education, with content mostly oriented towards parents relating to younger children.

Method Test Prep (info.methodtestprep.com/blog). SAT/ACT topics.

MIT Admissions Student Blogs (mitadmissions.org/blogs/). Blogs written by a number of MIT students describing their current experience as students at MIT, as well as their personal experiences throughout the application process.

Nail That Essay (nailthatessay.blogspot.com/). Sarah McGinty is an expert in the area of college essay writing.

Testive Blog (testive.com/blog/). Information and resources that are test-related.

What’s Appening (testive.com/blog). Testing advice and perspectives.


@chronicle: The Chronicle of Higher Education, leading news source for higher education

@CNNSchools: CNN’s national reporting on education

@CollegeBoard: Official Twitter of the College Board, the non-profit Administrator of the SAT

@CollegeEssayGuy: Ethan Sawyer, advisor on college essays

@CollegeExpress: CollegeExpress publishers of data sourcebooks and College Finder

@collegevisit: Smart College Visit

@CommonApp: Promoting access, equity, and integrity in the college admission process

@DeanFurda: Dean of Admissions at the University of Pennsylvania

@diverseissues: Diverse Issues in Higher Education magazine

@educationweek: American education’s newspaper and website of record

@FrankBruni: The New York Times columnist, book author

@HECAtweets:  Higher Education Consultants Association

@huffpostcollege: College news and more–Contact: college@huffingtonpost.com

@IECA: Independent Educational Consultants Association                                            

@insidehighered: Higher education news, jobs, and more

@JodiOkun: Financial aid author

@mmcounselor: Mark Moody, college counselor in Shanghai. Counseling topics mainly include international students applying to American schools

@NACAC: National Association for College Admission Counselors

@NicheColleges: Database of college information

@NoodleEducation: Online data source of colleges      

@OnCampusWGBH: Radio station in Boston 

@PMuthConsulting: Independent educational consultant

@ScottJaschik: Editor at Inside Higher Education

@SuzanneShaffer: Information for parents

@TeenLifeMedia: “Our mission is to help teens and their parents discover and participate in meaningful experiential learning opportunities.”

@Unigo: Helping students get to where they want to go.

@UVaDeanJ: Jeannine Lalonde, Associate Dean of Admissions at UVA

@valeriestrauss: Valerie Strauss writes about education for The Washington Post  

Twitter hashtags: #campuschat / #collegesuccess


College Hunch – Guide to 1,000+ four year colleges, build detailed spreadsheets comparing up to 15 schools in-app, and review SAT, ACT, and GPA averages and ranges. 

Completo – A to-do tool that prioritizes tasks and helps business owners maximize productivity

Daily Practice for the SAT – A tool in which students are able to practice their SAT skills and connect to the personalized SAT practice from Khan Academy.

Google Calendar – An effective way to create and share events and reminders with peers and parents.

Invoice by Wave – A service that allows business owners to create and manage invoices, and includes relevant information about invoice practices specific to certain types of businesses.

iStudiez Pro – Organize multiple schedules at a time, follow up on homework, contact instructors and professors, and integrate calendars. There is a $2.99 or free version.

Pocket Schedule Planner – A digital planner and calendar that tracks and manages assignments or courses, and sends notifications and reminders, making student life easy and effective.

QuickBooks Self-Employed – A tool for independent contractors/freelancers/self-employed people to manage finances and tax deductions. Focuses on separating business and personal expenses, maximizing deductions, tracking expenses and mileage, snapping and storing receipts, invoicing clients, estimating taxes quarterly and at year-end.

Scholly – An easy, quick way to access scholarships, essay examples, and expert tips and advice. Has helped students win over $70 million in scholarships, “making college affordable and dreams a reality.” There is a monthly fee of $2.99.

The Homework App – Personalized planner that notifies and organizes upcoming assignments, and includes a contact feature for teachers and instructors. There are free and paid options.